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Cool dads are the backbone of every successful college career. Without them, who’s going to put up the money for tuition, cover spring break trips to Mexico, and bail you out of jail after football games? Your mom? Ha! How’s your mom doing by the way? Tell her I said hi.

Random suburban Louisiana dad Wade Grundmeyer proved that he’s the right kind of dad — one who’s definitely okay with underage drinking — when he proudly posted this tweet displaying his son’s confiscated fake ID at the local liquor store literally the same day as the kid’s 20th birthday.

Some parents have those “My Son is an Honors Student” stickers on their cars. Obviously this isn’t that kind of family. I don’t know what’s funnier about this picture: just how into this thing Wade is, or how happy he looks in the next tweet down, posted only hours earlier wishing his boy a happy birthday.

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Look at Wade Jr.’s face:

That’s the sweet, blissful grin of a kid who had absolutely no chance of ever successfully using a fake ID. Liquor licenses spontaneously burst into flame when he walks in the door. He probably walked up to the counter and asked for “a vodka, please” and his voice cracked. My guess is the reason Wade went into the liquor store on the same day and was there to make this tweet is because he was buying booze for his son after the kid got bounced.

Pro dad move would have been to buy the birthday booze himself from the beginning and introduce Wade Jr. and his friends to something classy, like any one of the decent American and Scotch whiskeys behind him in the picture. Missed opportunity.

[via Twitter]

Image via Twitter


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  • jizzrag69v2 1 year ago

    How’s it feel beating off in your shitty dorm room 7 days a week and knowing you’ll always be a broke bitch working at taco bell

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  • Totally off topic here but, why can’t TSM Girls comment on TFM and vice versa? Or am I just crazy for even asking that?

  • And Spotting Notes Guide British Bank Fake Pound From Us Euro To Pwx7z4qC Midi Poshmark Dresses Women On Dresses Women 1 year ago

    That kid is dresses like a tryhard.

    Women Women Poshmark On Dresses Midi Dresses
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