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    Weather you live in the state of Florida or are just visiting, a fishing license is required to fish on most waters. If you have lost your license, and are planning on fishing again before it expires, then you need to obtain a replacement license to avoid fines if you fish without one. This is not a difficult process, and the state gives you options on how to get your replacement.


    Difficulty: Moderately Easy

    Step 1
    Contact Florida Fish and Wildlife online to obtain a replacement license. Select the option for a replacement license, and then you will need to answer questions about residency and Identification.
    Step 2
    Go to a dealer at a fishing or sporting goods store that sells Florida fishing licenses and request a replacement license. Show your Identification and social security card so your information can be checked in the state database.
    Step 3
    Pay the replacement fee either online or in person at the dealer counter. The fee is $10 and is nonrefundable.
    Step 4
    Wait for a replacement license to be mailed if you went through the online system. It could take weeks to process, so save your online receipt as proof until you receive it. At a dealer, you will get a hand-written replacement.

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